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Transfusion Medicine & Blood Bank

An efficient blood bank service is essential and vital for any hospital. At Prince Aly Khan Hospital, the blood bank functions round the clock to provide blood in cases of emergencies and pre-planned surgeries in keeping with the quality policy and objective of the hospital. Providing safe blood to the patients is the main aim of our blood bank.

If a particular blood group is unavailable at the given time, we arrange for the same through our tie-ups with other blood banks without causing any inconvenience to the patient. Our blood bank, being an integral part of Prince Aly Khan Hospital (an ISO 9002 certified company) is also approved and licensed by:

    • Food and Drug Administration (License no .9-28-c )
    • State Blood Transfusion Council (Registration no .0 178)
    • Director General Health Services
    • Federation of Bombay Blood Banks (Member)

Quality Control

Regular inspection by the above mentioned licensing authorities help in achieving excellent quality control. A blood bank manual mentioning the SOP is available in the blood bank. We have state-of-the-art technology and human resources to meet the technical requirements and standards of the blood transfusion service. We also have a team comprising of a doctor, medical social worker, nurses and technicians.

Services Offered

    • Blood donor screening and clinical examination
    • Screening of blood for transfusion-transmitted diseases
      • HBV (HBsAg) by ELISA
      • HIV 1 and 2 (anti-HIV 1 & 2) by ELISA
      • HCV (anti-HCV) by ELISA
      • Syphilis
      • Malaria
    • Red Cells serology: tests for ABO & Rh(D)
    • Antibody screening for complete and incomplete antibodies
    • Antihuman globulin test
    • Compatibility test is done both for complete and incompelete antibodies
    • Any  adverse reactions of blood transfusion are investigated
    • In addition we hold  regular blood donation drives in various centres in Mumbai, in which the general  public is motivated to donate blood voluntarily

Academic Activities

The staff is encouraged to attend CME’s workshops and conferences, arranged by local, state and national level organizations. These are sponsored by the hospital.

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Meet our Doctors

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Dr. Name

Consultant - Transfusion Medicine / Blood Bank
MBBS 1975, MS(GEN SURG) 1979, MCH(UROLOGY) 1983

Treatment/Procedures offered:

  • Advanced resuscitation – adult / pediatric / trauma
  • Advanced airway management
  • Non-invasive and invasive ventilation
  • Early detection and acute management of cardiovascular & neurological emergencies
  • Primary trauma care
  • Wound repair
  • Systems-based practice


Transfusion Medicine / Blood Bank

Consultation Timing:

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Meet Our Doctors