Prince Aly Khan Hospital

Nephrology is an essential super speciality required in every tertiary care center.

Prince Aly Khan Hospital has a well-equipped Nephrology Department that takes care of all kidney problems.

A wide range of renal disorders ranging from the early phases of renal disease to patients presenting with end stage renal disease are seen.

The consultants are supported by well-trained nursing staff and dialysis technicians.

Facilities available at Prince Aly Khan Hospital:

    • Well-equipped Haemodialyses unit with 7 bicarbonate hemodialysis machines with advanced technology having volumetric ultrafiltration and sodium profiling to provide better patient safety.
    • Water treatment plant (reverse osmosis plant) proving quality water for effective and safe dialysis.
    • Haemodialyses unit equipped with cardiac monitor, central oxygen supply and other emergency treatment facilities for critically ill patients.
    • Haemodialyses in the critical care unit for patients on ventilators and other critically ill patients unable to be shifted to the hemodialysis unit.
    • Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy (CRRT) – the facility to treat multi-organ dysfunction, septicemia, refractory CCF, patients having hemodynamic instability, performed in the ICU.
    • Acute Peritoneal dialysis in the ICU.
    • Continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis (CAPD) and CAPD training facilities for end-stage renal failure patients.
    • Plasmapheresis.
    • Kidney Biopsies.
    • Kidney transplant surgery including pre, peri and post operative management of renal transplant patients.

The salient features of our dialysis department:

    • We function from 7 am to  11 pm with night dialysis facility as and when required.
    • More than 500 Haemodialyses are performed per month.
    • We have highly experienced technicians and nursing staff. Dialysis under taken with
      supervision and guidance of consultants.
    • Separate machine for Hepatitis C virus positive patients.

Departmental activities:

Regular educations programmes for patients / staff / Doctors.

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