Prince Aly Khan Hospital

The Cardiology Department at Prince Aly Khan Hospital provides a comprehensive program for cardiovascular and peripheral vascular care with services ranging from prevention to open-heart surgery.

The Hospital provides comprehensive heart care for patients, around the clock.

The Department of Cardiology focuses on prevention of heart disease.

After diagnosis, the cardiologist coordinates the team to provide you with the best in current treatment whether it is medication, catheterization or surgery.

At Prince Aly Khan Hospital, the Intensive Care Unit with facilities for bedside and central monitoring of ECG, Blood Oxygen, Blood Pressure or Venous Pressure manages the patient in the immediate post-procedure period.

Services & Treatment Offered

    • ECG
    •  Stress Test
      A stress test is a non-invasive exercise test used for the diagnosis of coronary artery
      disease. It involves placing the heart under physically stressful conditions–i.e., making it
      work–in order to elicit findings of coronary insufficiency.
    • Dobutamine Stress Test
      For patients who cannot undertake a stress test the Dobutamine stress echo test involves the injection of a medication called Dobutamine while you are closely monitored. The medication stimulates your heart in a similar way as exercise.
    • 2 D Echocardiography with Colour Doppler
      An echocardiogram, often called “echo,” is a graphic outline of the heart’s movement. During this test, high-frequency sound waves (ultrasound) are sent into the body. Echoes received are used to produce an image of the heart’s chambers and valves. This allows the Doctor to evaluate chamber size, muscle function and valve structure and function. In conjunction with two-dimensional pictures, Doppler ultrasound and color
      Doppler are used to evaluate the blood flow through the heart and across the valves.
    • Stress Echocardiography
      A stress echocardiogram (“stress echo”) is a non-invasive test that combines ultrasound pictures of the heart with an exercise test. It checks the coronary arteries for narrowing
      by evaluating muscle function at rest and after exercise.
    • Pulmonary Function Test

Interventional cardiology refers to procedures used to ‘intervene’ to open clogged arteries and
improve blood flow to the heart and other organs. They include:

    • PTCA
    • Peripheral vessel angiography and plasty – Renal, carotid etc.
    • Electrophysiology study
    • Defibrillator/pacemaker insertions
    • Percutaneous septal-wall defect repair
    • Percutaneous valvuloplasty

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