Prince Aly Khan Hospital

Accident & Emergency

Prince Aly Khan Hospital is your support at times of need. When it comes to taking care of close ones, you can rely on Prince Aly Khan Hospital. We provide 24-hour Emergency Room and Casualty services for immediate and expert care for all kinds of emergencies. With three observation beds, an operation theatre and all emergency equipment, the ER assures life support and resuscitation while critical patients are stabilised before being moved to the intensive care units.

The Prince Aly Khan Hospital Emergency Room ensures that critically ill patients receive high quality care 24-hours, daily. Manned by experienced doctors supported by paramedical staff, minor operations can be performed immediately. Its examination room has life-saving equipment including defibrillators and cardiac monitors. Critical patients have easy access to 24-hr diagnostic services including the Radiology, Pathology and CT Scan, as well as the ICUs.

The Prince Aly Khan Hospital team consists of dedicated professionals who have special training in Emergency Care Services. Our Staff strives to provide all patients with outstanding medical care in a quick and efficient manner. From the biggest emergency to the smallest injury. Prince Aly Khan Hospital is always there for you and your family.

For Emergency Dial: +91-22-23777911

Ambulance Services

We have a tie-up with Life Supporters Institute of Health Science (LIHS) for 24-hour Ambulance cover. All types of ambulances are available, from basic transport ambulance to fully manned and equipped Cardiac Ambulance.

For Ambulance Dial: +91-22- 23777911 / +91-22- 23777800

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