Prince Aly Khan Hospital

Outreach Programs

It is very important for us to reach out and educate the people on health issues. One of the ways we have taken up our endeavor to initiate a healthy society is through our Outreach Programs.

The Hospital reaches out beyond its walls to the community through its Outreach Program. This program has three main components.

  • Health Education
    This includes giving information on health related issues and stressing on the importance of regular health checkups, prevention and precaution of diseases etc. to the people.
  • Continuing Medical Education (CME)
    For family physicians practicing in the vicinity. Sessions are conducted by consultants of the hospital and external faculty.
  • Screening programs
    For early detection of chronic disorders like hypertension, diabetes and heart disease, and screening for cancer.

In our quest for a healthy community, we extend our program by tailoring outreach programs for the specific needs of schools, groups and communities, whenever asked to do so.

In case you would like to get more information on our outreach programs, or would like us to help you conduct it for your group, please email us at

Hospital Health Card Scheme

  • Individual Health Card
  • Family Health Card

For more information contact the hospital on +91-22-2377 7800