Prince Aly Khan Hospital

Patient Testimonials

Anis Gheewala: Dr Aziz is very good and listens to me. Staff in the ICU and ER were very responsive.

Al-Karim Dhalla: Dr Tehsin Petiwala is a very good doctor and very cooperative and well experienced. Thanks, Doctor, for your help.

Ibrahim Gangrekar’s mother: Dr Adam Farooq is a great specialist in paediatric care. We really liked his way of treating our child, he treated us really well.

Santok Sumra: Dr Ayub Siddique is an excellent doctor; his treatment is the best, and also very patient-friendly.

Mohd Yasin Bilakhia: Naushad Sir is very humble and polite and looks after the patient very well. Surgery was done with good hands #ThanksToHim

Abdul Tehseem: Dr Farida Maam & and all nursing staff were very good, most helpful and cooperative, Siji Sister and Dipti Sister are very good.

Tehzeeb Khurana: Excellent stay at PAKH, unlike any other hospital. This place felt like home with empathetic & caring staff & nurses. They were all dedicated to service & not just doing a job super impressed”

Hazel Fernandes: The experience in Aly Khan has been truly like a second home. Be it the doctors, nurses, and all the helping staff have gone out of their way to make things better and more comfortable for us here. My special thanks to Dr Siddiqui and Dr Parkar, who got the surgery done for my brother for the hip. Also thanks to Dr Jayant and Dr Ayub for the additional support. A big thank you to Dr Arshad for taking care of my brother’s diabetes and his overall health. A thank you to all RMOs. I place it on record that we had truly great support from all the nurses. I especially want to thank Sister Jeerita who has treated my brother like her own brother. Also thanks to Sister Nikita, Sister Sangeeta, and Sister Gayatri for their great care and help. What I liked best was the great teamwork between doctors, nurses, and RMOs to see that the patient is taken care of. Please keep up the good work. God Bless.

Tejas Garge: Good hospital, clean, professional staff, was admitted for minor surgery. Overall a very good experience

Sarath Sasi: Outside patient department was in new building now a days. Very good experience in OP Department and Casuality.

Sandeep Jaiswal: Considered as the best hospital in Mumbai with world class facilities. Highly efficient and renowned doctors with latest technology. Almost all type of diagnosis and treatment is possible here. One more important thing that it is cheaper than other corporate hospitals. Location at sea coast with spectacular surrounding is better for recovery. People from all India and abroad visit here for treatment purpose.

Dhwanil Mehta: Great hospital. Doctors and Staff are really helpful. They are Gods in human form. Great hospitality and support for all patients is a speciality here.