Prince Aly Khan Hospital

Patient Rights

Patient Rights & Responsibilities

We draw your attention to the RIGHTS of the patients who are admitted with us:

These are:

  • Right to access to medical care.
  • Right to respect and dignity.
  • Right to privacy and confidentiality.
  • Right to know the identity to individuals providing service.
  • Right to information about the ailment.
  • Right to consent.
  • Right to participate in decision involving your health care.
  • Right to refusal or change of treatment.
  • Right to make suggestions and express grievances.
  • Right to know the expected cost of treatment.
  • Right to have an interpreter in case you don’t understand the medium of communication.

With these RIGHTS, there are also some RESPONSIBILITIES.

  • To provide complete and accurate information about you and your aliment.
  • To follow treatment plan recommended by your healthcare Providers.
  • To take care of your belongings.
  • To be on time for your appointment with doctor.
  • To pay your Bills on time.


Patients have a right to be admitted as an emergency case 24×7. Emergency cases are given immediate attention by medical staff.

Patients referred by consultants or family physicians are advised to register themselves at the admissions office a day or two in advance, indicating the preferred accommodation class to ensure availability and avoid unnecessary delays.

Medico-legal cases are accepted. It is mandatory for the police to be informed of these admissions.


Patients can register at the Admission counter after paying the necessary deposit. Patients have a right to review information on bed/room charges before deciding on their accommodation class. It is best to decide on the class of choice at admission, as transfer to another class later may not be possible. If the preferred class is unavailable, the hospital offers patients the next best available option and transfers the patient once there is a vacancy. Please note that all charges, with the exception of pharmacy (medication), vary with the admission class. In cases when a patient requests a transfer from a lower to higher class, additional charges are levied at higher class rates for all services rendered from the day of admission. The hospital does not normally allow a transfer from a higher to lower class unless there was a request for the lower class during admission but a bed was unavailable.


Before surgery, a consent form must be signed by the patient or next of kin. For patients below 18, the form must be signed by a parent or guardian.

Patients have the right to understand the consent form completely before signing the same. Patients can insist that the consultant or hospital staff explain and clarify any doubts.


The Hospital morgue is made available free of charge for 24 hours. For details, contact the Admission Counter.