Prince Aly Khan Hospital

Patients are responsible for paying in full for services rendered. The hospital presents a bill every third day of the stay. All patients (except corporate clients and those under an insurance scheme guaranteeing cashless service) are expected to make their payments on the same day. At the time of discharge, patients are presented with a final bill (less deposit amount) and are expected to settle outstanding amounts before they leave. Patients are advised to claim credit for any unused medicines.

Self Paying Patients

An initial deposit is payable during admission. Exceptions are made in emergency cases when admission may be allowed on partial deposit. The balance must be arranged within 12 hours of admission.

Corporate Patients

Certain companies have credit arrangements with the hospital. Depending on the employer’s policy, employees may be required to bring a letter of undertaking clearly indicating the recommended ward facilities. In cases of emergency, the letter may be submitted the following day.

Patients with Medical Insurance

Patients with medical insurance policies should seek assistance from hospital staff on admission procedures. Emergency patients are admitted with TPA issued identity cards. However, a letter of authority should be presented to the Hospital within 24 hours specifying the patient’s credit limit.

Modes of Payment

The hospital accepts cash or credit cards (Master / Visa).