Prince Aly Khan Hospital

Counselling & Rehab Program

Counseling and Rehabilitation are very important services for patients. Recognising this vital need, Prince Aly Khan Hospital has various services to help patients and their families cope better with their health problems.


The Cancer Rehabilitation Clinic is a unique service run entirely by volunteers who are cancer survivors themselves. The clinic serves as a source of information, guidance and emotional support to cancer patients. It also provides prostheses to women after breast surgery, speech training after laryngeal surgery and care of colostomy after gastrointestinal surgery. All Counseling services are either free or available at a very nominal charge.


The Diabetes Counseling clinic provides invaluable support to physicians by educating patients in self-administration of insulin, home-testing for blood sugar levels, and in the prevention of diabetic complications of the eyes, skin and feet.

Consultants offer advice on “living with diabetes, diet, nutrition, lifestyle and early detection and management of complications.


The health, social and emotional needs of HIV positive individuals are addressed in a special clinic by a multi-disciplinary team, which includes a counsellor. The Hospital’s counsellor provides patients and families with comprehensive information, education and Counseling services.


Special clinics have been set up to provide information, guidance and support to patients under treatment for Obesity and Nutritional problems.