Prince Aly Khan Hospital

Mission And Vision


To provide the highest standard of healthcare to all sections of society, including service, education and research, conducted in a safe and ethical environment


The vision of Prince Aly Khan Hospital is pursuing excellence through the power of people, ideas and technology.

Value Statement

Core values encompassing operations and dealings with patients, staff, consultants, suppliers, donors, volunteers and the public at large:

    • People centered
    • Ethical conduct
    • Non-sectarianism
    • Transparency
    • Continual quality upgrade

Quality Policy

PAKH is committed to providing Quality Healthcare and Value for Money, in a safe and ethical environment, to all its customers.”

This will be achieved by:

  • Creating a strong customer focus in all operations.
  • Continually enhancing the quality of human resources through training and development.
  • Staying contemporary with development in medicine and all other areas of activity.


The symbol of Prince Aly Khan Hospital represents health care and compassion. The crescent is an ancient icon that, when used in red, has become the equivalent of the International Red Cross. The three-crescent design in its simple, poetic form creates an internal space symbolizing how institutions and programme using the symbol surround, attend and care for those in need.